CSE 2312 - Section 001 - Spring 2014
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming

Lectures: GACB 105, Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am-10:50am.
Instructor: Vassilis Athitsos

Computer organization from the viewpoint of software, including: the memory hierarchy, instruction set architectures, memory addressing, input-output, integer and floating-point representation and arithmetic. The relationship of higher-level-programming languages to the operating system and to instruction set architecture are explored. The course also teaches some programming in an assembly language.


Course web page: http://vlm1.uta.edu/~athitsos/courses/cse2312_spring2014
Lecture times: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30am-10:50am
Classroom: GACB 105
Prerequisites: CSE 1310 (Introduction to Computers and Programming), CSE 1320 (Intermediate Programming).
Textbook: Structured Computer Organization, by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Todd Austin. 6th Edition, 2012, Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0132916525. ISBN-13: 978-0132916523.

Vassilis Athitsos

Office: ERB 623
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Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am-12:30pm.
Teaching assistant (GTA):
Charles Gatz
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- Monday 1:00pm-2:00pm at ERB 132.
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